Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 31st, An Incredible Day!

What an incredible day we had! Today was Dan Čakovec, something like Founders Day, and the town square was packed. We took a portable speaker system and Bro. Sam and Bro. Rich read a selection of Scriptures out loud. It was wonderful!
After the last reading a young lady came up to Bro. Alan and ask what church these people were from. Bro. Alan told her and she said she would be there tomorrow for church. Amen, someone was listening!

Altogether over 1000 tracts were passed out in town today, so 1000 people received a copy of the Gospel in their hand.

The men were busy passing out tracts and talking to people, it really was a wonderful day. The power of God was there and He blessed.

Matija is a young man from Macedonia. He was visiting some relatives in Croatia and happened to be in town on this day. After Bro. Sam and Bro. Rich stopped Matija, Bro. Rich told him about the love of God and eternal life through Jesus Christ. What a blessing that a man from Macedonia came to Croatia and was gloriously saved!!

Rajka was a very special case. Bro. Rich had seen her in town once before and he felt a great burden to share the Gospel with her. When he saw her today, the Holy Spirit moved Bro. Rich to approach this lady and after a while she too accepted Jesus as her Saviour. Please pray for Rajka, she has cancer and is currently taking Chemotherapy.

Thank you all for praying for the men as they strive to reach as many precious Croatians as they can.

Friday, May 30, 2008

May 30th, God sure is good!!

Again God showed His power! 13 more priceless souls accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.
As the men got weaker and more tired God's power took over.

Bro. Johnny had the wonderful privilege of leading Ivana and Dijana to the Lord Jesus Christ. They listened intently and decided that they needed Jesus to pay their penalty for sin. Amen!

Dino got saved today and he will always be saved, for eternity!

Today Bro. Johnny met Josip in town. Jasmin is a young man that received Christ as his Savior yesterday. Today Jasmin and his friend Marinko were in town and Bro. Johnny began to tell Marinko about Jesus. As he was explaining the plan of salvation to Marinko, Jasmin said, "I got saved yesterday!". What a blessing for Bro. Johnny and Jasmin to see Marinko accept the same free gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ that they had received.

Elvis was more blessed than he knew on this day. God had a divine appointment for him and Bro. Rich. Elvis heard about what Jesus did for him on Calvary and bowed his head and received Christ as his Savior.

Jasmin was in Čakovec on the right day! Today he met Jesus and was born into the family of God!

Bro. Johnny and Bro. Sam have been praying for a recent contact. Franjo an old, sick man cried as they told him about Jesus and what He did for him. Franjo decided not to receive Jesus on that day but told them to come back. When they returned the next day Franjo's wife had interfered and influenced Franjo not to be saved, how sad! Bro. Johnny and Sam decided to earnestly pray for Franjo to be saved. Apparently they didn't pray specifically enough because Franjo was saved today, but not the same Franjo.

Please pray for Franjo, a man rich in years and very ill. He could at any moment go off into eternity without Christ, God forbid!

What a blessing to meet Luka in the park today. After hearing about the love of Christ and what He did for him on Calvary Luka decided he wanted to have a personal relationship with Christ. As Bro. Johnny went through the plan of salvation with Luka his friend constantly called his name, urged him to leave and text messaged him. Also during this time some girls were laughing at him and still he stayed. Luka had enough courage to receive the gift of eternal life in front of all his peers.

Also saved today were five 13-15 year old teens. The national pastor Bro. Rich led them to the Lord. Praise God that the nationals are busy winning their own!

Please continue to pray, the men are weakening as the days are long, 8.5 hours a day and the heat is extreme at times. Please remember Bro. Sam who battles with MD and could use the extra prayers.

Thank you all for the prayers already sent up on behalf of the men and the precious Croatian people.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

May 29th, AMEN!

Words alone can not express out overwhelming joy at the decisions made for Christ today. Altogether 17 souls accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.

Mati was standing with his friend Goran when he heard the Gospel. Many of his peers were all around him heckling. Mati was not ashamed to bow his head and receive Jesus as his Savior.

Marin and Zoran were led to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ by Bro. Rich, the national pastor.

Josip was riding through the park on his bike when Bro. Sam handed him a Gospel tract. Josip didn't speak english so Bro. Sam called Bro. Johnny for back-up. A little while later, Jospi's name was written down in the Lamb's Book of Life.

Jurica and Jasmina were walking through the parking lot of the local hospital when Bro. Alan and Bro. Johnny handed them a Gospel tract. They listened so carefully and received God's free Gift of eternal life.

Goran was with Mati when their friends were heckling, he too was not ashamed of Christ and bowed his head and received Jesus as his Savior.

Bro. Rich, the national pastor found Zoran and Marin walking through the castle in town when he handed them a tract. Soon afterwards these two young men accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.
Bro. Johnny met up with Dino in the town park and had the priviledge of leading him to Christ in English. Praise the Lord!

Bro. Sam met Ivan in town and soon found out that he was military and stationed in the capital Zagreb. Ivan told Bro. Sam that he didn't have any parents and after asking Jesus to save him Bro. Sam was proud to tell his about his new heavenly Father.

Bro. Sam found Nives in the park and shared Jesus with her. She listened intently and as she was ready to be saved her mother urged her to leave. Nives stayed and was gloriously saved.

Bro. Sam showed Ivan from the Bible how he could be saved and as it was time to ask God for this free gift he was a little bothered about praying outside of church. Bro. Sam explained to him that only praying in church was something man had made up and soon afterwards Ivan prayed and asked Jesus to save him.

Luka was one of many who received a tract and he alone stopped to hear the Gospel. Luka's name was written down in the Lamb's Book of Life today, Praise God!

Bro. Sam met Danijela in the park and she patiently listen to him. She was having a problem understanding that salvation was once and for all. She thought that she needed to be saved over and over. Bro. Sam explained to her that Jesus wants to give us eternal life not daily life. When she heard this she was ready to be saved.

Alaksandar stood even taller than Bro. Sam at 6'6. After hearing about Jesus' gift of eternal life he wanted to be saved but had a small problem with praying in public. Bro. Sam told him that a man his size shouldn't be scared to pray in public. Alaksandar said, "Let's pray."
Alaksandar parted with Bro. Sam after telling him how glad he was that he met him.

Altogether 17 souls received Jesus as their personal Savior. Amen!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28th

Today was a wonderfully profitable day. As the men are tiring a bit God's strength is taking over. Seven precious souls received Jesus Christ as their Savior and we praise God for His goodness. It never ceases to amaze how a holy God can love us, but He does!
Zvonimir was walking near the post office when the men found him, what a wonderful blessing to watch Zvonimir accept Jesus as his personal Savior, once for all time.

Maša was a special blessing to Bro. Sam as she listened so intently in the town square. After some time Bro. Sam was able to rejoice with her as her name was also written down in the Lamb's Book of Life

Luka was riding his bike through town when the men seen him. What a blessing that Luka decided to trust Jesus as his Savior.

Bro. Johnny had the privilege to meet Goran in town and lead him to Christ. Isn't it amazing that God's grace never runs out!
Boris and Tomislav probably never realized what their morning held. Who would have thought that their eternity would change forever because of a chance meeting. Praise God!

Also another young man was saved; Hrvoje accepted Jesus as his Savior also, sadly we don't have a picture.

Please pray for each of these people who have been saved. The fact that so many are receiving Christ in Croatia is a miracle. Please pray, as their lives in Christ are just beginning, that we can get them into church, baptized and discipled.

Also we have Friend Day at the church here in Croatia on Sunday. Please pray that many of these people will come and be baptized.

Many thanks to you who are already praying.

May 27th, a little laugh!

Bro. Sam tends to be a bit on the large size but this is ridiculous. The elevator in this old communist type apartment was a little short of square feet. His shoulders almost touch both walls and his head almost touched the roof. Very funny, they're having some fun along the way too.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 27th pm

Tonight after visiting the Gypsy village the men decided to go out one last time. Praise God they did because they met Elvis, Vesna and Stojanka walking down the street and they had the privilege of leading the precious young people to Christ. God sure is good!

May 27th

Today was a very profitable day for Bro. Johnny, Bro. Sam and Heaven. In town today two men asked Jesus to forgive them of their sins and accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.
Dario was please to accept Jesus' free gift of eternal life, he's one more person who will never see the fires of Hell.
Through many many distractions Antun really got the Gospel message. He decided that he didn't want to go to Hell and realized the one way he was going to escape Hell and be guaranteed Heaven was to allow Jesus to pay his debt. Antun accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior.

May 25th - 26th

For sometime Bro. Johnny has had a burden for the Roma (gypsy) people of Piškorovec, a small village near Čakovec. Sunday afternoon Bro. Johnny and Bro. Sam decided to go and visit some people who had been saved 4 years earlier. Piškorovec is known for being a very rough village with frequent murders.

The men were greeted by the Christians in this village with open arms. Soon the conversation turned to Jesus and before long two more names were written in that great book in Heaven.

On this day it was also decided that meetings would being Tuesday and would follow every Sunday morning. Praise God!
Slavko is the son of one of the people who were saved 4 years before. He is now part of an even greater family.

Gordana is the sister of one of the original group in this village and also received Christ as her Savior.
Sunday afternoon the men headed into town to pass out some tracts and see if they could find someone to speak with. Ivan was sitting on a park bench one moment and the next he was in the family of God!

Srđen and Jasmin we both strolling through the park when Bro. Johnny and Bro. Sam found them. Srđen and Jasmin both accepted Jesus Christ as thier Savior.
Vinko listened patiently as Bro. Sam led him down the Roman's Road and about the time Vinko was ready to be saved his wife decided it was time to go. Vinko told his wife and Bro. Sam that he needed to be saved and he was!

Marko and Ivan were most likely on their way home from school when Bro. Sam handed them a tract. Soon after that Marko and Ivan were born into the family of God.

We praise God not only for the many souls that are being saved here in Croatia but also for the men who care enough to go!

a burden

Bro. Sam Ward arrived in Croatia on the 24th of May with a burden for souls and a stack of Gospel tracts. Bro. Johnny Leslie met him with open arms and the warning began.

This blog with chronicles the daily efforts of these two soul conscious men...
Special thanks to every one who prayed for the Soul Winning Marathon. It was a success with 78 folks receiving Christ as Savior because you prayed!
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