Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Final Report!

The two weeks of soul-winning came to an end, and we praise God for all that was accomplished! Sunday we were expecting great things to happen, and it did not turn out like we hoped it would. After all the work we had not one visitor in either church. At first I was pretty discouraged, but then I remembered were I was. Croatia is a dark place that has been bound by religion. It is going to take time to see something happen here. I am going to cling to Galatians 6,9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. God's holy word is still true, and I still believe it!

We did have some positive things. One man called me on Sunday wanting directions to the Church. He did not show up, but maybe next Sunday he will. Today another lady called. She received a tract and wants more information. This shows me that God is still speaking to people through the tracts that we passed out.

Again I want to thank all of you who prayed! So many great things happened, and I know they happened because of your prayers. I want to ask you to continue to pray for Croatia. Pray that God will turn these precious people from darkness to light!

Day #12 Soul-winning marathon!

Well Glory! Yesterday we finished our last day of the soul-winning marathon! Many tracts were passed out and there was one saved! Cody led another one to the Lord! Yes I'm grinning from ear to ear! This brings our total to 78 souls saved!

All we can do is rejoice in God our Savior! God was so good to us. I know towards the end of the soul-winning marathon we were definitely standing in His strength alone.

We rejoice in the 78 souls saved, but God did so much more this week. There were so many people who heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. Many people told us they would go home and ask Jesus to save them. Only heaven will reveal how many people really got saved. Not only did many hear the Gospel, but so many more saw a Church in town who believes the Bible! I think we left a good testimony, because each city we spent time in, always at the end people would walk by and say I already got the tract. Some would even walk by and show us their tract, as if to say I have my toll can I please pass!

What a great two weeks we had. Thank you all who took the time to pray! Today is Sunday, and I'm looking forward to seeing God do something today. Whatever happens we will give Him the glory!

Day #11 Soul-winning marathon!

We had another great day yesterday! It seemed like nothing was going to happen, because there weren't that many people in town. Then as we walked a little further people started getting saved! Before lunch 6 people called on the name of the Lord! After lunch a young man named Manuel excepted Jesus as his Savior! Even though it was cold and it looked like nothing was going to happen, God still showed up and 7 people were gloriously saved! This brings our total to 77 souls saved!

Saturday we will have the last day of our soul-winning marathon. Twelve days have come and gone so quickly! I've talked to so many people that I can't remember them all. I don't know how many heard the gospel, which did not pray with us in the park, but I do know it was a lot!

Tomorrow we will be ending the two weeks of evangelism. I'm praying folks will come to church., and many people said they would be there. I have been praying all week that God would not let them sleep until they go to church.

I want to thank all of you who have faithfully prayed for the last 12 days or so. Your prayers have made the difference!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Day #10 Soul-winning marathon!

Now I remember why we call it a soul-winning marathon! We have two days left and I'm beat. After talking to people for several hours a day, 9 days straight it begins to wear on you. I'm so glad the Bible says that in our weakest moments God has His strongest moments in our lives! II Corinthians 12:10 And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

We had another good day yesterday. There were 4 saved which brings us to 70 souls saved! Joshua had two! Way to go Joshua! It is still cold here, although God gave us lots of sunshine. I think the weather has some factor because there are not as many people walking around the square. When we do find them they are in a hurry to get out of the cold. I do think they must know that we believe in what we are doing. Who else would stand in the cold all day? It is good that the people of Croatia see that someone really believes that the Bible is true!

Please keep praying! We really need your prayers. The work we are doing is a spiritual one and we are fighting a spiritual battle. Pray specifically for the services on Sunday. I'm really hoping that we will have many visitors in both churches. Catholicism runs deep in many people here and we need God to break down the wall of religion.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day #9 Soul-winning marathon!

Yes God can save people when it's cold! Yesterday it was in the 40's with a strong north wind. After living here 9 years you would think that I'm used to it by now, but I'm not. Brother Sam and I stood out in the park and watched 6 people call on the name of the Lord, and many more that stood and listened to God's plan of Salvation! This brings us to 66 souls saved! We just want to give God all the glory! He is so good to us! What a privilege to serve Him!

Please continue to pray; we have 3 more days of the soul-winning marathon!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day #8 Soul-winning marathon!

Yesterday we left Zagreb with a burden in our hearts! In the capitol city there are 1,000,000 people and not one Independent Fundamental Baptist Church! We spent the day passing out tracts and witnessing! I don't know how many tracts we passed out, but it was close to 3,000. We also brought a suit case full of John and Romans. These went so quick that I had people asking me for them. God's Holy Word was sown in a big way yesterday! All I can say is praise God for allowing me to be in the ministry.

The Gospel was presented many times as well! There were 9 saved, which brings the grand total to 60 souls saved! Cody was able to lead two and I don't know how many times Joshua presented the Gospel, but it was a lot! Brother Rich, the national pastor, gave out the Gospel so many times that I thought he was going to loose his voice. I praise God for a Croatian pastor who is a soul-winner! Brother Sam was a blessing as he pleaded with as many people as he could find that spoke English to get saved!

The soul-winning team had a great day of fellowship as we worked for the King of Kings! We want to thank you all for praying! Prayer still works! Today we will be returning to Varazdin. Please pray that many will get saved there and that we will gain many contacts for our church plant in this city!

Day #7 Soul-winning marathon!

Today we started our week in Varazdin! I'm hopeful that many will be saved and that many new contacts will be gained for the new church plant there.

God has been given us unusually great weather! Croatia can be a very cold place, but it has been in the 70's until today! A cold front arrived and with it lots of rain! Bro. Sam and I decided that we needed to trust God so we went soul-winning inspite of the rain. When we arrived to Varazdin it was barely sprinkling; so we got out of the car and headed to the park. About 100 yards away from the car the rain began to get stronger; so we headed back for shelter. However, God had other plans! Around 20 feet from the car we saw two men walking who needed to be saved. After stopping them they were so excited to hear that God loves them and does not want them to go to hell. Two men in the rain under a tree got glorious saved! While I was talking to them Bro. Sam stopped a young man who decided to wait in line to get saved. After dealing with the first two men I turned to the young man who was waiting in line, what a joy it was to tell him of a Savior who could save anyone in any kind of weather. After lunch two girls were saved, which made 5 for the day! This brings our total to 51 souls saved!

Today we are going to the capitol city! We are praying that God will do big things there! Thank you all who have faithfully prayed! Please continue to do so!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day #6 Soul-winning marathon!

Saturday we spent the morning in Cakovec passing out tracts and witnessing! I took a few children from our church and it was a blessing seeing them pass out gospel tracts; they even tried to talk to people. Bro. Sam and Cody each had one saved which brings our total to 46 souls saved! Cody is turning into a real soul-winner.

When we arrived to town I was approached by a JW. I quickly learned that they had a booth set up in town and there were about 8 of them spreading their heresy. It seems they saw us in town all week and so now they are going to try it. I pointed them out to brother Rich and he said, "What a shame that they are copying what we are doing." He then said, "why aren't the other Baptist in this town copying us? Where are they?"

We have definitely stirred this town up! Many are talking and know that there is one church in town that believes what the Bible says!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day #5 Soul-winning marathon!

Day 5 of our soul-winning marathon was another tremendous day! All I can do is praise Almighty God! He has been so good to us this week. Yesterday we had a total of 15 saved, which brings our grand total to 44 souls saved! If there is anybody out there already saying did they mean it when they accepted Christ, let me say to you, "Why don't you go suck your pacifier and go and read somebody elses blog!" Now that that is off my chest let me tell you some of the things that God did, and I do emphasize the fact that God did everything!

First let me say way to go Joshua! He has been trying so hard to lead someone to Christ. He is like my dad, because he's not scared of anything or anyone. Joshua has been talking to everyone about Christ. I don't know how many times he shared the gospel with people this week. He's probably shared the gospel this week more than most Christians do in their life time. Yesterday He got one! He was so excited that he had to call his mom on the phone and tell her. That is what soul-winning will do to your Christianity. It will put a fire of excitement in it! As a dad I was so proud of my boy!

Another great victory, and by the way I'm still shouting about it, was the salvation of Brother Rich's mom. For you that may not know brother Rich is the national pastor of the church here! He has been praying for so long for his mom to get saved. He's witnessed to her in the past, but of course it's a little difficult because it is his mom. He asked brother Sam and I to go and witness to her. We were delighted to do this. This visit was bathed in prayer, and I don't know if I've ever felt the Holy Spirit working through me as I did yesterday. The words just seem to flow, and she listened so closely. Then she bowed her head and received Jesus as her Savior! Well glory!!!!!!!! Brother Rich was so excited and so were we!

Before we went to our big meeting Friday night, brother Sam and I were walking towards the meeting place after a few hours of soul-winning! As we were walking we saw a group of young people and gave them some tracts. They were 16 to 18 and there were 5 of them. I begin talking to them and they listened so closely to what I was preaching. Now we are on the sidewalk and they are in a half cirlce around me listening to the gospel. Folks were having to go around us. When I get about half way through the plan two more people walk up to the group. I thought a revival was getting ready to break out in the park! I quickly learned that the two that just walked up were saved. They just wanted to listen. After giving the gospel 4 of the 5 prayed to receive Christ! The 2 that were already saved stayed around and wanted to know where our church was so that they could come to one of our meetings! God was so good! I left rejoicing in the Lord!

Finally I must give you a negative. Our meeting last night was not a success in the eyes of the world or maybe in the eyes of other Christians. We had no one show up and it was a little discouraging. However, many of our own people came, and this encouraged me. Maybe they are growing and beginning to care about others!

Please pray for Sunday! Our main service is Sunday night. We are hoping to get some visitors in the service. Yesterday reminded me that Croatia is not America. The gospel has not been here for years. We are in a battle with slew foot! He does not want an Independent, Hell hating, Jesus loving, Soul-winning Baptist church! But we know someone who does want that kind of Church in Croatia and that is our lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you all for praying, and please continue to do so for we have a whole week ahead of us!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day #4 Soul-winning marathon!

We spent another 5 hours yesterday telling people that Jesus loves them! One girl was wearing a shirt that said I need somebody to love me. What a joy it was to tell her about the Savior who truly loves her. It was a joy when she bowed her head and received Jesus Christ as her Savior!

God was good again, He always is! We had 8 saved yesterday; this brings our total to 29 souls saved!

Thank you for encouraging Cody. He is turning into a soul-winning machine. Yesterday he led a woman to the Lord in her 70's! Joshua hasn't led one yet, but he has more boldness than anyone out there. He was talking to everyone about Jesus! As a dad I'm swelling with pride. My boys have never played on a baseball team or football team. They've never hit a home run or scored a touchdown, but glory to God they are learning to be soul-winners! To me that is better than the home run or touch down!

Today which is Thursday is a holiday. We will not be going out today, but tomorrow we will hit the streets again. Please pray for Friday night. We are hoping to have a good meeting with these converts!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day #3 Soul-winning marathon!

Glory to Almighty God! We had another tremendous day. There were 8 souls saved which brings our total to 21. In the last three days about 50 other people have heard a clear presentation of the gospel. They did not want to pray with us in the park, but many of them promised to do this at home. Only heaven knows how many more have been saved that we don't even know about. God has been moving in such a mighty way. It is so exciting to be a part of this.

We received many blessings yesterday, but there is one in particular that I want to share with you. After my boys finished school they went with us into town. Both of them had such a desire to win somebody to the Lord. My oldest son Cody was able to lead his first soul to the Lord in the Croatian language! I watched the whole thing and I about had a shouting fit in the park! God has been so good to us this week. We believe it is because so many of you are praying! Please keep praying! We want God to shake this town this week for the glory of Almighty God!

Day #2 Soul-winning marathon!

Well all I can say is glory to God!!!!!!!!!! Day 2 of our Soul-winning marathon started out difficult. For me it was a little discouraging. It seemed as if there was a satanic depression in the air. I'm sure there was for he certainly was not happy about what we were trying to do. In the morning we did have two saved before lunch and many many more heard a gospel presentation.

However, after lunch was a completely different story. It did start out a little slow, but after we had a prayer meeting in the park, God came down in a mighty way. Discouragement turned into encouragement as I saw God move through each of us! Before the day was over 12 precious souls received Jesus Christ! Glory to the living God!

We want to ask all you to continue praying for us this week, especially for this Friday. We have rented a building in the center of town. Friday night we are trying to get all of the converts that we have this week to come to this meeting. We hope to get them into church through this effort. Thank you all for your prayers!

Day #1 Soul-winning marathon!

We had a glorious day today. It is so good to be in service for the King of kings. Brother Alen, my two boys and I started the day in Varazdin. We passed out close to a 1,000 tracts in about an 1 and a half. I was able to preach the Gospel 3 different times. Marko, a 17 year old young man, got gloriously saved!

From Varazdin we headed to the airport to pick up Brother Sam. Praise the Lord he was on time with all of his luggage - that's a miracle in itself. Then we went to the main train station where there is always people and we passed out another 1,000 tracts. We were able to share the gospel 8 times, but we had no one saved! We were not discouraged because 8 people heard how they could escape the flames of hell.

Monday we will officially start our soul-winning marathon. Today we wanted to break the ice a little. Please be in prayer for us. Croatia is a dark place, and we have got to have the Holy Spirit of God working!

Monday, October 5, 2009

On your mark, get set, GO!!!

I guess it has been a year already, actually a bit more than a year since the last post on this blog. We'll we're happy to report that we are back and this blog is again active!

Early Saturday morning Bro. Johnny had the privilege of leading a young man to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in Varaždin before he headed to the capitol to pick up Bro. Sam at the airport. As soon as Bro. Sam arrived, 9 hours after his departure from Dallas, Texas they began the soul-warning. They headed to the main train station in the Zagreb and began witnessing to anyone who would listen.No one in Zagreb was saved (that we know of) but hundreds had the opportunity.

What a great start to a wonderful two weeks. The goal this time around is to have at least 100 saved and 10 baptized. Please pray with us that precious Croatian souls would be saved and reached for Christ.

Also on Friday the church has rented a building in the center of town to have a meeting with all the converts that will come, please pray for this meeting.

Will be posting regular updates to check back daily!
Special thanks to every one who prayed for the Soul Winning Marathon. It was a success with 78 folks receiving Christ as Savior because you prayed!
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