Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 3rd, Despite the Rain!

The men were again in the city of Varaždin today and despite the rain, the Lord blessed their efforts. 10 priceless souls were saved from an eternity in hell!

Krešo and Marko were either on the way to or from school when Bro. Johnny met them. What a wonderful blessing to see these two young men trust Christ as their Saviour.

Hrvoje also heard the Good News today and decided to accept Jesus as his personal Saviour.

"Do you understand that heaven is a free gift?", Bro. Sam asked Mario. "Now I do!" What a wonderful blessing to hear this man ask the one and only Saviour of the world to save him. Amen!

What a life Zeljko has had. He is blind in one eye and one of his arms doesn't work, he truly is halt and blind. But one day, because he accepted Jesus as his Saviour, he will be able to see and have the full use of his body! Praise God that Zeljko was saved!

Jurica and Sanjin were also saved. God is so good to save any and all that call upon His name.

Bro. Johnny met Stjepan in the park and led him to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Amen!

What a wonderful blessing that Josip was born agian, all because Bro. Sam simply shared what he knew!

Also today Igor was saved, sadly we don't have a photo of him, bur God knows who he is!


Anonymous said...

75 souls!! Praise the Lord, how exciting and amazing!!

It's so neat to see their faces. I hope most of them will come to your church now and grow in the grace in knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Diane Cardot said...

Praise the Lord! God is doing a mighty work there.



Anonymous said...

This is so interesting to read. I love the pictures and names of the new brothers in Christ. When going on spreading the gospel message you opportune to meet with so many new people - and that is wonderful - but how do you follow up with them? How do you go from the gospel message to helping them grow in relationship with Christ?

I sincerely ask because I would have no idea how to handle something like this.

Praise be to God for new brothers and sisters in Christ!

Maggie said...

Good post.

Special thanks to every one who prayed for the Soul Winning Marathon. It was a success with 78 folks receiving Christ as Savior because you prayed!
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