Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day #1 Soul-winning marathon!

We had a glorious day today. It is so good to be in service for the King of kings. Brother Alen, my two boys and I started the day in Varazdin. We passed out close to a 1,000 tracts in about an 1 and a half. I was able to preach the Gospel 3 different times. Marko, a 17 year old young man, got gloriously saved!

From Varazdin we headed to the airport to pick up Brother Sam. Praise the Lord he was on time with all of his luggage - that's a miracle in itself. Then we went to the main train station where there is always people and we passed out another 1,000 tracts. We were able to share the gospel 8 times, but we had no one saved! We were not discouraged because 8 people heard how they could escape the flames of hell.

Monday we will officially start our soul-winning marathon. Today we wanted to break the ice a little. Please be in prayer for us. Croatia is a dark place, and we have got to have the Holy Spirit of God working!


Special thanks to every one who prayed for the Soul Winning Marathon. It was a success with 78 folks receiving Christ as Savior because you prayed!
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