Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day #5 Soul-winning marathon!

Day 5 of our soul-winning marathon was another tremendous day! All I can do is praise Almighty God! He has been so good to us this week. Yesterday we had a total of 15 saved, which brings our grand total to 44 souls saved! If there is anybody out there already saying did they mean it when they accepted Christ, let me say to you, "Why don't you go suck your pacifier and go and read somebody elses blog!" Now that that is off my chest let me tell you some of the things that God did, and I do emphasize the fact that God did everything!

First let me say way to go Joshua! He has been trying so hard to lead someone to Christ. He is like my dad, because he's not scared of anything or anyone. Joshua has been talking to everyone about Christ. I don't know how many times he shared the gospel with people this week. He's probably shared the gospel this week more than most Christians do in their life time. Yesterday He got one! He was so excited that he had to call his mom on the phone and tell her. That is what soul-winning will do to your Christianity. It will put a fire of excitement in it! As a dad I was so proud of my boy!

Another great victory, and by the way I'm still shouting about it, was the salvation of Brother Rich's mom. For you that may not know brother Rich is the national pastor of the church here! He has been praying for so long for his mom to get saved. He's witnessed to her in the past, but of course it's a little difficult because it is his mom. He asked brother Sam and I to go and witness to her. We were delighted to do this. This visit was bathed in prayer, and I don't know if I've ever felt the Holy Spirit working through me as I did yesterday. The words just seem to flow, and she listened so closely. Then she bowed her head and received Jesus as her Savior! Well glory!!!!!!!! Brother Rich was so excited and so were we!

Before we went to our big meeting Friday night, brother Sam and I were walking towards the meeting place after a few hours of soul-winning! As we were walking we saw a group of young people and gave them some tracts. They were 16 to 18 and there were 5 of them. I begin talking to them and they listened so closely to what I was preaching. Now we are on the sidewalk and they are in a half cirlce around me listening to the gospel. Folks were having to go around us. When I get about half way through the plan two more people walk up to the group. I thought a revival was getting ready to break out in the park! I quickly learned that the two that just walked up were saved. They just wanted to listen. After giving the gospel 4 of the 5 prayed to receive Christ! The 2 that were already saved stayed around and wanted to know where our church was so that they could come to one of our meetings! God was so good! I left rejoicing in the Lord!

Finally I must give you a negative. Our meeting last night was not a success in the eyes of the world or maybe in the eyes of other Christians. We had no one show up and it was a little discouraging. However, many of our own people came, and this encouraged me. Maybe they are growing and beginning to care about others!

Please pray for Sunday! Our main service is Sunday night. We are hoping to get some visitors in the service. Yesterday reminded me that Croatia is not America. The gospel has not been here for years. We are in a battle with slew foot! He does not want an Independent, Hell hating, Jesus loving, Soul-winning Baptist church! But we know someone who does want that kind of Church in Croatia and that is our lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you all for praying, and please continue to do so for we have a whole week ahead of us!


Special thanks to every one who prayed for the Soul Winning Marathon. It was a success with 78 folks receiving Christ as Savior because you prayed!
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