Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day #7 Soul-winning marathon!

Today we started our week in Varazdin! I'm hopeful that many will be saved and that many new contacts will be gained for the new church plant there.

God has been given us unusually great weather! Croatia can be a very cold place, but it has been in the 70's until today! A cold front arrived and with it lots of rain! Bro. Sam and I decided that we needed to trust God so we went soul-winning inspite of the rain. When we arrived to Varazdin it was barely sprinkling; so we got out of the car and headed to the park. About 100 yards away from the car the rain began to get stronger; so we headed back for shelter. However, God had other plans! Around 20 feet from the car we saw two men walking who needed to be saved. After stopping them they were so excited to hear that God loves them and does not want them to go to hell. Two men in the rain under a tree got glorious saved! While I was talking to them Bro. Sam stopped a young man who decided to wait in line to get saved. After dealing with the first two men I turned to the young man who was waiting in line, what a joy it was to tell him of a Savior who could save anyone in any kind of weather. After lunch two girls were saved, which made 5 for the day! This brings our total to 51 souls saved!

Today we are going to the capitol city! We are praying that God will do big things there! Thank you all who have faithfully prayed! Please continue to do so!


Special thanks to every one who prayed for the Soul Winning Marathon. It was a success with 78 folks receiving Christ as Savior because you prayed!
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